Where is the best Mexican food in BisMan?


So let’s get this straight, NO you don’t have to be from Mexico OR have lived in Southern California to ENJOY great Mexican food

Some people think that in order to appreciate what they see as authentic Mexican food is impossible to find here in Bismarck, or Mandan. . . OR all of North Dakota for that matter – but that’s just not true. If you look authentic on google you will find different ways to tell you what it really means, but the main thing is “real, authentic” – here’s the thing, all of the above doesn’t really matter, it’s what YOU think, and what YOU find tastes the best and meets your needs.

Social media of course brings us debates that are triggered by a random post

I was just doing my usual scrolling through posts on one of our local Facebook group pages, and I came across a great paragraph praising a Mexican fast food restaurant that had great service, and I don’t I wasn’t the only one feeling refreshed to read some positive and engaging comments. Lately we have had so many issues involving restaurants closing due to lack of employees. I also noticed that there are a ton of people who have their strong opinions about who has the best Mexican restaurant in town. This is when the great debate begins.

So what, in your mind, distinguishes one place from the other?

In other words, what makes your favorite Mexican restaurant better than the others? I checked with several colleagues about this – “Fast, affordable…” was a key factor. Another was “Authentic, their mix of spices and seasoning makes this place stand alone” – You’ll notice I didn’t mention any restaurant by name, that’s your job. I want to know what you think and why. Remember, I live here, so I want you to pretend you’re talking to someone who’s never been here, and in YOUR words, tell me what makes your favorite Mexican restaurant so special.

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