Venice Mexican restaurant expands to Silver Lake


The De Buena Planta team opens a restaurant in Silver Lake

By Dolores Quintana

Venice’s De Buena Planta restaurant has already opened a new location in Silver Lake, as Eater Los Angeles reports, and it’s a cleverly hidden vegan paradise.

Owner Heather Tierney, also of Butcher’s Daughter, has taken over Tintorera’s former location with an even more ambitious dining space. Tierney and his group Wanderlust Design worked on this new restaurant and Wanderlust also designed the new De La Nonna restaurant in the Arts Quarter. De La Nonna is another hidden restaurant.

This branch of De Buena Planta has a small cocktail area that has a speakeasy vibe and is inside the building and close to the kitchen itself. It is called La Casita in keeping with the Mexican style of the restaurant and serves more elaborate cocktails and mezcal designed by bar manager Lee Zaremba. Grace Gaboury, Chi Spacca and The Tasting Kitchen, are in charge of the wine list and chef Chaza Smith is in charge of the gluten-free and plant-based menu which includes interpretations of tlayuda, enchiladas, tacos and tostadas and a Mayan sikil pak as a dip that comes with pumpkin seeds according to Eater Los Angeles.


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