Toronto’s Campechano opens Mexican food store for cravings at home


Ready to take your Taco Tuesday to the next level? One of the city’s favorite taquerías has opened a new grocery store with fresh, ethical ingredients to make mouth-watering Mexican dishes at home.

Based entirely online, Bonita Mexican Foods was started by Campechano as a way to turn their tasty meals into an at-home experience people can enjoy.

“Bonita is an online Mexican tortillería and food store based on ethically sourced corn, beans, and animal products. We make fresh corn tortillas, traditional homemade stews, salsas and other Mexican products,” the description reads.

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Products are vacuum sealed and can be reheated easily without compromising quality.

Quality is something Campechano has always prioritized, never offering takeout even when the pandemic forced them to close their dining room “in an effort to protect the magic of enjoying a just-made taco,” wrote the restaurant on Instagram.

Some of the items you can buy at Bonita Mexican Foods include tortillas made with heirloom corn grown by small farmers in Mexico, guisados ​​with produce from local Ontario farmers, and the tastiest salsas you can find. have ever tasted.

The shop also offers weekly specials featuring traditional dishes – this week the special is Tamal de mole verde.

Once you have placed your order, you can select a delivery or pickup time to take your products home.

Considering the number of specialty grocery stores in this town, it was about time the Mexican grocery store opened its doors.


Or: Pickup at 460 College St


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