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San Marcos is a popular restaurant in Burlington, and the community of Elon voted the welcoming, colorful atmosphere and extensive menu “Best Mexican Food.” Freshman and Burlington resident Grant Sledge recently tried San Marcos and was pleasantly surprised with the result of the meal.

“I think the food was really good and on par with other restaurants around, but the presentation was very cool and unique,” ​​Sledge said.

The menu includes many traditional Mexican dishes, such as tacos, burritos and enchiladas, but also offers some interesting finds, according to Sledge. Sledge loves “El Volcanito,” which is chicken inside a tortilla and twisted to represent a volcano.

“The Volcano was extremely good, presented very well and tasted just as good,” Sledge said. “It was very unique among many dishes and therefore quite fun to have.”

Freshman Rex Broussard found San Marcos to have a nice, clean vibe. His go-to is the quesadilla.

“I get the quesadilla, but anything from other people looks and smells so good and delicious,” Broussard said. “Everything is so well plated.”

San Marcos has several locations across North Carolina, including Raleigh. General manager Pedro Rodgriez is very grateful to the Elon community for his victory.

“Thank you Elon students for choosing us as the best Mexican restaurant in Burlington,” Rodriguez wrote in an email to the Elon News Network. “San Marcos Mexican restaurant loves Elon’s students.”


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