Short-staffed Mexican restaurant sees scores plummet and barely passes recent inspection


SAN ANTONIO – A Mexican restaurant with a history of high scores barely passed a recent inspection and a popular Korean barbecue racked up multiple violations when health inspectors visited last month.

According to an employee, there was no manager on duty when we stopped at La Quintana Mexican restaurant in the 1400 block of Quintana Road, but a worker agreed to answer some questions about their recent inspection sanitary.

The West Side company has a history of scoring in the 80s and 90s, but they scored just 72 in July.

“We had a very bad week when (the inspector) arrived,” said Liliana Garza, who works at the company. “We are understaffed. »

The inspector noted eggs tempered at 81 degrees, which was well above the required 45 degrees.

A knife was used, wiped with a rag and put back in a magnetic holder without being properly washed.

An employee was observed washing their hands for just four seconds without soap before returning to work.

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The dishwater was brown and there were lint hanging from the air ducts above the cook’s line.

The company has also been accused of not having up-to-date food handler or certified food handler certificates on site.

Garza said the appropriate certificates have now been updated and are awaiting further inspection. Staff corrected eight infractions during the inspection.

“It’s out of the ordinary for us and we should be good next time,” Garza said.

Chas Super Market, located in the 1400 block of Pine, is a popular spot for Korean BBQ. They got an 81 with five repeat offenses. Earlier this year they got a 90 for a previous inspection.

This time, the inspector noted that toxic chemicals were stored above the food. Ice cream packaged for sale was mislabeled.

There were dead bugs in a back storage room that needed thorough cleaning.

Dust had accumulated on the kitchen vents and there was black residue in the cooler.

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Staff members were able to correct a violation during the inspection.

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