Popular Mexican restaurant returns to Amarillo on Wheels


Do you find yourself in mourning when one of your favorite restaurants closes its doors?

When Leal’s closed in Amarillo during the pandemic. I was devastated. Leal’s was one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Amarillo. Their hatched green chili queso was to die for, as were their crispy avocado and sour cream chicken enchiladas. Ahhhh, I’m so sad they’re gone.

Yes, I know I could make the trek to Muleshoe for that goodness, but that’s not doable, and the one in Plainview just doesn’t have the same feel as the one in Amarillo.

The only way Leal’s is locally available is to find its chips, salsa and queso in United supermarkets.

Leal is regularly lost. Or so I thought…until now.

Leal could return to Amarillo. However, it will not be in a stand-alone building or in front of a restaurant. It looks like Leal is coming back in food truck form.

I don’t know if Facebook was kidding me, or if it was the truth, but Victor Leal popped up on my feed announcing that they were looking for someone to customize a food truck and then mentioned local towns, y including Amarillo, that they would come back to us with all of our favorites. By the time I went to pick up the post today, it was gone. In fact, Victor Leal’s entire Facebook page is gone again.

I know I wasn’t dreaming because I spoke to other Leal fanatics and they said they also saw the post but couldn’t find it. I can’t help but wonder if our dear friend Victor was just testing the waters to see if people would support Leal’s food truck.

Let’s hope it wasn’t a hack because if it is, I’m gonna cry again. We all need Leal back in Amarillo.

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