New Mexican restaurant opens in downtown Memphis


Inches Taco Shop recently opened in Harbor Town and the owners are from Guanajuato, a city in Mexico.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Inches Taco Shop and Bar is a new Mexican-style restaurant that opened July 16 this year in Harbor Town.

The owners are Jose Ortega and Jeffrey Smith. Jose came up with the idea to open the restaurant, and Jeffrey is in real estate, so they thought it would be a good partnership.

Jose and his parents are from a town in Mexico called Guanajuato, and with their menu they are committed to giving customers the authentic taste of food from there.

Highlights of the menu include the vegetarian taco, made with cauliflower, black beans and sweet potatoes, topped with guac sauce and a drizzle of chipotle cashews, and their special lunch box, offered Tuesday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and is the choice of one, two, or three tacos with a soda or tea, and includes an additional $10 offer.

The restaurant also offers a full bar, which includes a few rare bottles of Tequila. There are also patio seats.

Inches Taco Shop and Bar was established three years ago. They were met with delay after delay, including a gas leak and an incorrect beef order from their supplier, but finally agreed on a July opening date.

The decor and interior of Inches Taco Shop and Bar celebrates Mexican culture with a seating area full of Sombrero lights and a number of guitars covering the walls, as well as pink, blue, and teal highlights throughout the restaurant.

The name of her shop, which Smith says sparks some curiosity, was named after a not-so-nice word in Spanish, so they subtracted a letter. When someone asks for the name again, Smith said he’ll just tell them it means “creepy tacos,” or it’s because they’re using “every square inch of space in their restaurant.”

Unfortunately, Inches Taco Shop and Bar has yet to open. With the lingering effects of Covid-19 and the current climate, it has been difficult for them to find staff and they don’t want to overwhelm the staff they currently have.

Smith said business has been fair and he looks forward to more business in the future. When it comes to food, Smith said food is made with the soul, and he couldn’t be happier that the Ortegas are the ones making it.

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