Mystery illness in children Mexican food poisoning suspected – Reuters

Chiapas: In a rural school in Chiapas, Mexico, more than 57 children fell ill after being exposed to an unknown poison. After this incident, the rest of the school children are also in a state of fear. This incident also scared the parents. Not only that, parents have also created an uproar over the issue of this poisonous substance.

Mysterious poisoning incidents in schools

According to a security service in Chiapas, Mexico, students from the community school were taken to a local hospital. All of these children showed signs of poisoning. The condition of some of the child victims of this incident was so serious that they were immediately referred to the largest hospital in the capital for treatment.

Fear of food poisoning

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According to local media, this is the third case where the 55-year-old man fell ill in two weeks at a school in Chiapa, Mexico, which was allegedly contaminated with food poisoning.

Viral video on social media

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A video of the treatment of these children in Chiapa goes viral in which we see how chaos is created and people run away everywhere with children wearing uniforms on their knees.

System silence

The system did not give any response on this and talked about conducting an investigation and has kept silent for now claiming that many reasons are responsible for this incident. Local leaders demanded an investigation into the case and the punishment of the culprits.

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