Michigan’s Best Local Eats: Elvira’s Food Truck offers a special recipe for Mexican cuisine


RICHFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI — Kim Vasquez wants to make sure she keeps her grandmother’s delicious recipes alive.

That’s why she launched a food truck, Elvira’s, named after her grandmother, last year and offers special Mexican dishes based on her grandmother’s recipes.

Located at the corner of Richfield and State Roads, Vasquez makes the rice and beans from scratch, including hot sauce and tamales.

Vasquez makes homemade flour tortillas with brisket, carnitas, and more.

“We don’t go to the store to buy things and throw them in the fryer,” Vasquez said. “We’re trying to put a little more love into it.”

Vasquez said her grandmother always loved cooking.

“It was just something you did that fed your family and your husband,” she said. “Mexican men love their food. My grandmother did everything well.

Vasquez has been picking corn tortillas off the conveyor belt since she was nine at her grandmother’s tortilla factory – which her grandfather Jose also owned, and said she had been in the restaurant business most of his life. The factory closed shortly after the death of his grandparents in the mid-1990s.

His daughter, Nikki Vasquez-Bland, owns The Vasquez Food Truck, which MLive-The Flint Journal previously featured.

She originally wanted to open a restaurant, but after seeing the success of her daughter’s truck, she went down the same path.

Vasquez plans to participate in the Sausage Food Truck Rally at Davison Farmers Market on October 1.

His customers usually ask for the birrias, a roast beef cooked in lots of spices, including Mexican peppers. It’s based on grilled cheese and a grilled tortilla with cilantro and sprinkled onions.

His daughter, Angelina, bought the birrias on the menu.

Another must-have is chorizos, or Mexican sausages, an 80-year-old recipe from Vasquez’s grandmother.

There is no online menu available, as Vasquez says she prefers her customers to show up and see the food for themselves.

His favorite part of the job is meeting new people.

“Richfield Township has been really nice to me,” Vasquez said. “They made me so much better.”

Elvira’s is usually open Wednesday through Friday or Thursday through Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Check out their Facebook page here.

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