‘Mi Gusto Es’ serves Mexican food with ‘grandma’s flavor’ | Local News


Mario Ledezma, owner of the restaurant Santa Maria Mi Gusto Es, knows well that we yearn for the tastes and smells of childhood, or happy times that may have been left behind.

He knows the importance of flavor because as an immigrant he remembers it. The smell of grilled meat or seafood prepared with herbs and spices, the mere sight of colorful vegetables is enough to melt mouths and hearts.

That’s why Ledezma sells a lot of food. Through his business, he says, he feeds nearly 10,000 people a month, 80 percent of whom are Latinos. Her cuisine is a feast for the eyes and the palate, especially Latin cuisine, because it has the “grandmother’s flavor”.

A traditional Mexican dish brings back the flavors and smells of childhood.

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Mi Gusto Es’ traditional Mexican dishes in Santa Maria keep customers coming back.


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