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Birria Kings is a birria-focused Mexican food truck here in Chula Vista, San Diego! They have everything birria related you could think of and it is all so delicious. Their food truck is located in Chula Vista, in the parking lot of a plaza surrounded by shops and markets. There is often a line for this food truck, so be sure to plan ahead and get there early if you want to eat some delicious Mexican food!

For those unfamiliar with birria, birria is an extremely flavorful Mexican meat stew and the meat simmers for so long that it becomes very tender and crumbles as you eat it giving it its popularity. Traditionally, the meat for this stew is beef or lamb and this dish was traditionally served on festive occasions, but has since been transformed into a more casual dish.

First of all, their taco birria and quesataco birria are very similar to each other, the only difference is that one has cheese and the other doesn’t. Both were absolutely delicious. Their birria is extremely flavorful and tender and with the cheese (I would definitely recommend the quesataco more because who doesn’t love cheese?) it’s just heavenly. I also really liked their soft corn tortillas! They looked super fresh and very thin and well made, the texture was great and it stayed soft and flexible making it the best soft shell taco.

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Next is their keto taco, this one is definitely unique. It’s basically melted cheese in a crispy tortilla with shredded beef birria and of course you can add onion and cilantro (I would definitely recommend doing this, it really helps bring out the flavors and the textures). You really can’t go wrong with this, all the ingredients are simple and simple and they are all delicious. However, I would recommend their regular tacos more if you’re not looking for something keto in particular.

Next is their quesadilla which is made with a flour tortilla with melted cheese and shredded beef birria. It was really great as expected, the melted cheese was absolutely delicious and the tortilla didn’t take anything away from it or make it too hard or “too much”, which is mainly what I look for in a tortilla. Overall, very delicious and a good option if you prefer flour tortillas to corn tortillas (which tacos are made with).

Then we tried their birriamen (birria + ramen) which is wheat flour ramen noodles with their birria broth and shredded beef birria chucks. Personally I liked it a lot, their broth is a bit salty but I find that birria ramen generally has a saltier and tastier broth. I loved the noodles, not sure if they are homemade or bought in packs, but I love these types of ramen noodles so this was definitely a plus for me. The birria was great, of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from them. Overall I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone, but personally I liked it and would recommend it, especially if you like things with a heavier flavor.

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Finally, we tried their birria pizza. I was excited about this one because I had never heard of it before, but unfortunately it didn’t look like what I imagined in my head. It doesn’t look like pizza at all. In essence, it’s basically a large, round quesadilla that cuts like a pizza. Although the appearance was disappointing, the taste and flavors were not. At this point, you might notice that almost everything here is made with approximately the same ingredient, but the experience is different, so I recommend trying each one. What made this birria pizza special from the rest was all the sauce that came with it, including the guacamole salsa and their signature homemade sauce. I liked this one a bit more than the quesadilla, but honestly, I don’t know why, since they are literally made from the same ingredients. Anyway, everything we tried was good!

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They also have a variety of bottled juices, sodas, and other beverages in glass bottles. I really like to try unique flavored sodas so I really enjoyed the variety they offered and the ones we tried were very tasty and went really well with food.

If you are a birria enthusiast or have heard of birria for a long time and want to know if it is worth it, I would definitely recommend Birria Kings in Chula Vista where you have all the variety in the world that birria comes in. They know 100 percent what they do and they really nailed the preparation of the birria. Just make sure you allow enough time for the queue, it’s not too long, but it’s definitely still a bit of a wait.

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