Mexican restaurant changes name on Twitter after latest BTS food video


From Korean food to K-Dramas, the obsession with all things Korean shows no signs of stopping. South Korean boy group BTS is also one of those K-pop singing sensations that has an incredible following across the globe. Their songs topped global music charts for weeks, garnering millions of views on social media. But can you imagine the BTS fandom spreading so much that even a restaurant joined in the fun? It all started when a video of the band members surfaced online. They could be seen enjoying delicious Mexican dishes in the short clip which has now gone viral. Looked:

In the clip, the group of seven boys were taking a break from their filming schedule and enjoying Mexican burrito bowls. BTS member Jungkook was quite curious about the burrito bowl, and he asked in the video, “How do we eat this?” Then he asked the name of the delicious dish. “What is this, Chicotle,” he asked, referring to the Mexican restaurant “Chipotle” but mispronouncing it as “Chicotle” instead.

The Mexican restaurant was quick to observe this sweet misstep in the BTS video. They changed their name to “Chicotle” on Twitter, then wrote a message to let BTS fans know about the fun moment. Looked:

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Fans of BTS, also known as BTS Army or “Tannies”, were thrilled to see the name changed to the Mexican restaurant. Several of them enjoyed Chipotle’s hilarious move. Others wanted the boy band to also try eating Indian street food like Chaat etc.

Take a look at the reactions:

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