Mexican restaurant Cary A’Verde, by top chef Katsuji Tanabe, is now open


Excellent chef alum Katsuji Tanabe will open his restaurant Cary A’verde at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 18, 2022. The space and menu reflect Tanabe’s youth in the Mexican town with Mexican and Japanese parents. Customers can expect octopus tacos, cohinita pibil, and plenty of local vegetables, from okra to butternut squash. “I’m not trying to do a fusion, but I was raised with soy sauce, fish sauce and togarashi in the kitchen,” he told Eater Carolinas, “It’s so Mexican food through the lens of a Mexican-Japanese chef.”

Located at 2300 Walnut Street, the interiors are splashed with green, from the walls, to the plants, to the veladoras on the tables – the name is A’Verde, after all. The restaurant group behind the new venture, LM Restaurants, wanted interiors to be bright and colorful to reflect the boldness of Tanabe’s menu. Reclaimed mirrors, hanging baskets, and plenty of distressed kitchen board features create a rustic and inviting space. There are also surprises like the modern mural of Frida Kahlo by artist Arianne Hemlein in the tequila room lined with many bottles.

Take a tour of A’Verde before it opens on Friday.

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