Mexican restaurant accused of using taco trucks to move coke and meth in southern US


A South Carolina Mexican restaurant is accused of transporting much more than mulitas in its taco trucks.

The SC State Attorney General announced an investigation at the Mexican restaurant Los Primos in Greenville for his alleged participation in an alleged drug trafficking conspiracy, with unsealed indictments collectively containing 124 charges against 34 defendants.

Among the allegations, the owners of Los Primos are accused of having a central role in transporting pounds of methamphetamine and cocaine between Georgia and other states, using their restaurant as a regional hub for narcotics trafficking to their destination. and from South Carolina, and its taco trucks to sell the product directly.

“It was a Mexican restaurant like any other,” said Creighton Waters, of the state attorney general’s office, says Greenville’s Post & Courier. “It’s just that there were more than burritos and tacos in your polystyrene clam shells.”

Los Primos, which was across the street from an elementary school, reportedly made its way into the crosshairs of local law enforcement due to crimes against surrounding property and reports of violent incidents, with a neighbor alleging he called 911 several times due to gunshots in the area. It’s also entirely possible that, when it comes to the American South, the selling of tacos alone elicited such authoritative scrutiny.

The years-long state investigation, called “Los Banditos” (pronounced as the alleged Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department gang of the same name) produced information leading to the charges against the owners of Los Primos, as well as the seizure of large quantities of drugs (including very many kilos of smack, yayo, yesca, skante and zannies), as well as l money and guns in both South Carolina and Atlanta.

According to the AG’s announcement, the “very large-scale” trafficking operation has ties to Mexican drug cartels working in the state, specifically named by a DHS agent as “La Familia Michoacana,” with claims that she made nearly $90 million worth of drugs. South Carolina since it began operations.

All this to say, Take that, Los Pollos Hermanos.

See a report from South Carolina’s WLTX, below, for more information. and photos of a large shipment of seized coke.

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