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Timmy B’s Southwest Grill has opened a food truck serving fresh, authentic Mexican fare at 2204 S. Main St. in Mansfield, directly across from Lowe’s.

Timmy B’s is now the only restaurant or food truck dedicated solely to Mexican cuisine in the area. Tim Bradley and his wife Carrie opened in early January 2022.

When asked why a food truck would open in the middle of winter in freezing conditions, Tim joked, “You mean besides the fact that we’re completely nuts?”

“We actually wanted to get our foot in the door and get our systems up and running,” he said.

“We’re not under as much pressure that way,” Carrie added.

Tim Bradley’s food is already familiar to Tioga County residents: He’s the owner of Timmy B’s Meals-to-Go, which operates every Tuesday from the Tioga County Fairgrounds in Whitneyville.

Bradley opened Meals-to-Go in September 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s need for safe on-the-go meals.

The new Southwest Grill offers tacos, rice bowls, burritos and more authentic Tex-Mex dishes. The bonus is that everything is chef made and fresh.

“Mexican has always been the best seller on Tuesdays, so we saw a need and decided to go for it,” Carrie said.

Everything is made to order. Tim Bradley pickles his own jalapeños, smokes his own meats and makes his own salad dressings.

“There have been only positive feedbacks. People love the freshness and they comment on it,” Carrie said. “You can’t get that anywhere else.”

It was obvious – on a recent Friday the parking lot was full, the grill was sizzling and a more than regular customer took an order.

“This is the fourth time this guy has been here since we opened,” Tim said.

The Southwest Grill is able to rent out owner Dave Kurzejewski’s original Lil Half Pint as food prep and storage space.

“We don’t have to get ready in the truck,” Carrie said.

The food truck won’t be hitting the road anytime soon, preferring to stay where its customers can find them. The Bradleys currently employ one person, Kaycee Dickey.

“She’s got so much experience,” Carrie said. “She is great.”

Tim reports that business is booming and Carrie says online ordering is proving useful.

“I order everything online – everyone else does,” Carrie said. “It’s so convenient.”

The Southest Grill offers online ordering for quick hot pickup and currently offers a catered taco bar for small gatherings such as birthdays and office parties.

Timmy B’s takeout at the Tioga County Fairgrounds in Whitneyville is growing rapidly even as the Southwest Grill is operational. And after?

“We’re focusing on that for now,” smiles Tim.

Timmy B’s Southwest Grill is currently open Thursday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. For more information, visit Timmy B’s Southwest Grill on Instagram or Facebook or call 570-418-3003.


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