Malinche: Traditional Mexican Cuisine with a Modern Twist in Ellisville


Taking traditional Mexican cuisine to the next level.

You’ll forget you parked at a mall when you enter Malinche. That’s the goal of owner Angel Jimenez-Guitierez.

“When you walk in, we try to give you an experience that takes you away from St. Louis. You’re not looking at the parking lot, you’re going to Mexico,” Angel said.

Angel’s mother is a chef in Malinche. They are a dream team, earning a glittering reputation for their former restaurant Senor Pique.

“We owned Senor Pique, it had been open for 13 years. Amazing experience but my mom and wife were up for a break. So I started in catering consulting because I myself am passionate about the industry. This place was huge, seated over 300 people. We took a break and now that we have reopened we remember what Senor Pique was like at the start. It seated 80 people.

In 2019, this dream team opened its dream restaurant concept, Malinche. It has a limited number of seats and a cozy atmosphere.

“We open at 5:30 a.m. on weekdays and 5 a.m. on weekends. That’s the difference. We come to work with passion, enthusiasm,” Angel said.

The menu is different from their previous restaurant. It’s now Tapas style.

He said, “It’s authentic, traditional Mexican food. The only difference is that we present it in a modern way. But all the salsas are authentic, all the dishes tell a story.”

The most popular dish is called Del Trompo. It is made with marinated and slow roasted pork, salsa roja, pineapple, onion and lime. Charred lime to add a special touch. Another popular dish on the menu is Diabla where prawns are served with creamy salsa.

With the size of the restaurant, reservations are encouraged.

“Every evening, even if it’s a Monday or a Tuesday, we have plenty of reservations to fill the restaurant two or three times. This makes walk-in visits impossible,” he said.

So book now, you’ll thank yourself later.

15939 Manchester Road. Ellisville, Mo.


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