Food temperatures and sanitation issues found at Mexican restaurant on Broadway


Knoxville, Tenn. (WATE) – Improper food temperatures and sanitation issues were verified during a recent health inspection at a Mexican restaurant on Broadway.

The half-dozen critical violations could cause foodborne illness if left uncorrected.

The Pinata, 2038 N. Broadway — score: 71

The Pinata scored a 71 in its recent food service inspection. It’s a passing grade. Any score below 70 is considered a failure.

The health inspector found that the hot and cold food temperatures were outside the appropriate ranges to kill and/or slow the growth of bacteria. Refried beans have been found at 50 degrees, but 41 and below is the safe and cool temperature.

Rice has been found at 115 degrees but must be 135 degrees or higher.

Thawing the meat was left at room temperature. Restaurants are required to thaw items in the refrigerator to a temperature of 41 or below.

The health inspector also noted that a kitchen worker was seen washing a knife in the compartment sink but did not immerse the utensil in a disinfectant solution.

Table cloths were not stored in disinfectant solution. The chemical spray bottles were also not labelled.

A re-inspection of La Pinata is scheduled for soon.

High scores of the week:

  • Holly’s Gourmet Market & Cafe, 5107 Kingston Pike — 100
  • The Golden Roast, 2558 Sutherland Avenue — 100
  • The Burgers Restaurant, 1420 Emory Road, Powell — 100
  • Hardee’s, 1219 Congress Parkway, Athens — 100
  • Double Dogs, 10639 Hardin Valley Road — 99
  • Culver’s, 270 Hamilton Crossing Drive, Alcoa — 99
  • JP’s Smokehouse, 170 Glades Road, Gatlinburg – 99
  • IHOP, 472 Crockett Trace Drive, Morristown — 99


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