Ephrata, Washington has delicious Mexican food around every corner


Located in Grant County, about 20 miles from Moses Lake, Ephrata is a small town of less than 10,000 people. And apart from its abundant agriculture, it is not known for much. However, if you are craving delicious Mexican food, the visit is an absolute must, even if you have to take a detour to do so. From casual street tacos to rich, contemporary cuisine, you’ll find it all at Ephrata. Here are some of our favorite places.

Do you have a favorite place for Mexican food in Ephrata?

Address: Lo Mejor de Jalisco, 356 Basin St NW, Ephrata, WA 98823, USA

Address: El Agave Mexican Restaurant, 906 Basin St SW, Ephrata, WA 98823, USA

Address: Tacos Mi Casa-Ephrata, 2309 Rd 14.4 NW, Ephrata, WA 98823, United States

Address: AlChile Mexican Grill, 33 Basin St SW, Ephrata, WA 98823, USA


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