Delicious Mexican Food Is Around Every Corner in Saluda, SC


Have you ever ventured to Saluda, South Carolina? This quaint little town is located directly on the Little Saluda River which meanders nostalgically through the southwest quadrant of the city. Saluda is known as the birthplace of two famous Alamo heroes. But that’s not all. The 2020 U.S. Census reported that Saluda has the highest concentration of Hispanic or Latino residents in the state; a whopping 40% of Saluda’s population!

There’s practically a place on every corner of Saluda to get Mexican food in South Carolina. Have you dined at any of the restaurants above?

Sources: 2020 US Census, Wikipedia

Address: 3 Marias Authentic Mexican Food, 306 N Jennings St, Saluda, SC 29138, USA

Address: Taqueria El Mexicano, 301 Batesburg Hwy, Saluda, SC 29138, USA

Address: Taqueria Guanajuato, 117 E Church St, Saluda, SC 29138, USA

Address: 412 N Main St, Saluda, SC 29138, United States


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