Chronicle: Mexican cuisine and tequila tasting


You can’t live on bread (or wine) alone, so once in a while I like to try something different. So when I was graciously invited to a tequila tasting at Little Mexico Cantina, I didn’t pass up the opportunity!

You can see my previous article in the Richmond News on tequila, or my video to learn more about tequila.

I’ve always been intrigued by tequila and now that I know a little more about it, I understand that tequila is produced from the Agave plant in Mexico, and there are different levels of quality and sweetness.

Since tequila is made in Mexico, the perfect tequila pairing would naturally be Mexican food. I was invited to Little Mexico Cantina in Steveston to try some of their tequila cocktails – tequila, Mexican food, Steveston… who could resist!

I met the owner, Scotty Olak, who just took over ownership of the restaurant about two years ago during the height of COVID restrictions. Scotty is an experienced restaurateur who actually comes from Scotland. He reviewed the cuisine, the decor and the menu. For those who haven’t visited Little Mexico Cantina in a while, it’s time to return, as the refreshed decor is inviting, clean, and family-friendly.

What I like about their menu is that it has a wide variety of dishes and large portions. They have something for meat eaters, seafood lovers and vegetarians and many of their dishes are large enough to share. I also appreciate that they have alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails since a lot of people don’t drink alcohol. Little Mexico Cantina’s mocktails are just as delicious and creative as their alcoholic cocktails.

Anyway, back to tequila cocktails. At the Little Mexico Cantina, they infuse their tequila with different flavors and those flavors rotate regularly. I love this idea because for someone who doesn’t really like alcoholic beverages, flavoring tequila makes it much more palatable. It also changes the taste profile and lets you have more food pairing options, and that’s definitely something I couldn’t do at home. The Little Mexico Cantina offers a flight of infused tequilas. I tried several, including the jalapeno and the strawberry. My favorites were the tequilas with fruity and tropical infusions, like roasted apple and chili, and pineapple. Chili-infused or jalapeno tequilas are an especially nice pairing for rice and bean dishes, which have a more neutral taste profile.

Be sure to check out their award-winning Picante Pina Margarita, which is made with pineapple and jalapeno infused tequila, Triple Sec, pineapple, and coconut cream. The cocktail is huge and beautifully presented. If you ask nicely, Scotty will share with you his new Margarita creation, which he thinks (and I agree) is even better than the Picante Pina.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so for more information on my tequila tasting party, visit my latest YouTube video.

Until next time, good tasting!

Tony Kwan is a lifestyle writer. Lawyer by day, food and wine lover by night, Tony aims to give you an insider’s guide to the best that life has to offer.


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