Cheesecake factory worker for 20 years opening Mexican restaurant El Sabor


Mexican restaurant El Sabor Costeno Taqueria will be one of the tenants to occupy the city-owned building at 5519 Main St. in downtown Flowery Branch, joining Lao restaurant 4 Elephants, among others.

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“Local independent restaurants are the foundation of downtown transformation like Flowery Branch. They offer authentic destinations and build a neighborhood’s sense of belonging. The addition of El Sabor Cantina brings a Mexican flavor to the town that will be uniquely Flowery Branch,” said Todd Semrau, vice president of Oakhurst Realty Partners, who helped negotiate the lease.

Construction has yet to begin on the 1,259-square-foot space, but El Sabor restaurant owner and chef Armando Altamirano Emiliano says things are going well.

“We’re just expecting a few things from the city, but I’ve lived in Flowery Branch for five years and couldn’t be happier,” Emiliano said.

The owner of El Sabor says when he and his wife decided to open their own restaurant, they started looking at Flowery Branch. “It’s a very beautiful city and we wanted to stay in the area,” he told What Now Atlanta.

Emiliano says El Sabor will feature popular Mexican dishes such as tacos, fajitas and enchiladas. But he’ll also be proud to serve authentic, homemade Mexican dishes, like Mole Rojo and beef tamales.

El Sabor is Emiliano’s first restaurant, but he’s no stranger to the restaurant business. He says he worked at the Cheesecake Factory in Lawrenceville for 20 years and is also busy at the 5-seater cafe, also in Lawrenceville. “I have a lot of experience and I know El Sabor will be a success,” he said.


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