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Our readers share their thoughts on their favorite places to eat Mexican food in Champaign-Urbana and beyond

True Story: When I lived in Texas, I couldn’t wait to come back to Champaign-Urbana for great Mexican food. There’s no doubt that we overstate our weight when it comes to Mexican cuisine and our options for enjoying it in and around Champaign-Urbana. While others might bicker over which restaurant is more “authentic” than the next, for the sake of harmony, we will make no judgment of authenticity. As the saying goes, “don’t yuck on someone else’s yum.”

As a bonus, most Mexican restaurants tend to be family-friendly, with kids’ menus, short waits, and service with a smile.We asked our readers for their favorite Mexican food in the Champaign-Urbana area on Facebook and they did not disappoint. Recommendations are provided by our readers on our Facebook page and establishments are not endorsed by

Food trucks are listed first, followed by restaurants organized by city.


At Fernando’s Their steak nachos are to die for.“They can’t be beat on tacos. They are super friendly, consistent and never disappoint.

La Paloma “some very good tacos”

More food truck mentions: Los Hidalguenses, Tacos de Canelo, Burritos de Mo


Grill La Bahia “Our date from now on. Everything is delicious. “Surprising”

cactus grill “still The owner is always super good with me and very friendly.”

Dos Reales “This is by far the fastest restaurant in town…and a great environment for kids as it’s a happy, chatty atmosphere.” “Their drinks are strong, their food is delicious, and the staff are very friendly and accommodating.” “I love their cchimichanga chicken.

party cafe Great outdoor space and super kid-friendly.” “Best salsa, best sangria, best food, great service.” “Alex Tacos are my favorite, they also do great chimichangas and the BEST chili con queso.” “Margarita night at Fiesta is a must. “I’m 100% here for the food reviews but adding Fiesta Cafe for the margaritas.

Mexican Grilled Corn (see our review) “So excited for their fresh fries and tortillas!” “Corn is the place to take out-of-town guests to eat, especially if it’s warm enough for the patio. “My Mexican husband will only go to Maize at the train station. “Corn is our absolute favorite and the new Champaign location is perfect for the kids!

Mexican Grill Las Palmas “It has one of my favorite menu items: chicken on the beach! Nothing fancy (grilled chicken, rice and queso with tortillas), but super delicious. “Best rice in town.” “The service and cuisine are top notch. »


Casa Del Mar “Casa Del Mar has become our benchmark!”

Huaraches Moroleon “Love their home fries.” “So delicious, fast, reasonably priced…looks like a hole in the wall and I love it.” “The food is delicious, but the eating space isn’t the best if you have smaller kids – it’s cramped!” “They hit Chicago for some guts to make some nice legit menudo, and some tripas too. “I love their nopales.

The Mixteca “Hhomemade fries and tortillas!” “La Mixteca for birria tacos. “I like them for brunch (chilequiles to die for!)” “To be clear, nobody cares about the things on the menu. This place is special because of the specials.

Rick’s BakeryThey make great tamales, and I love their tres leches cake and lots of other delicious pastries.

Tres Nopales “A great place for a date. Try not to stock up on guac and margaritas because the dinner entrees are all amazing.

El Paraiso (located inside the Broadway Food Hall)


Break the taco, Muhammad100% pure and fresh ingredients” “Super fresh and not a bunch of the same ingredients spilled on a plate in different ways. “Enchiladas verdes, shrimp tacos and a skinny margarita are my favorites.”

El Rancho Grande II, Savoy “TThe sauce verde is the BEST I have ever had!”

Los Zarapes, Muhammad “Our favorite place!” “The food is excellent and the service is quick and friendly.

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