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Summer is normally the busiest time for restaurants. With the end of school and people spending more time away from home, restaurants often see an increase in business. And as we transition from summer to fall and, eventually, winter, business for restaurants in the Valley (outside of those catering to students) will begin to slow. It also means that there is usually an increase in restaurant closings during the colder months of the year. Many restaurants have already announced their closures in Metro Phoenix, and now another restaurant is adding its name to the growing list.

Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill opened in Chandler in 2018. It migrated from Utah and opened a store in hopes of giving the greater Phoenix area a healthier Mexican food option. However, the restaurant suddenly closed, with no justification given to the general public. The lack of information regarding its closure is not surprising, however. Many restaurant chains will close shop without knowing what led to its downfall. This is mainly due to the lack of a local social media presence or an independent website. It’s all run by a corporate entity, which cuts an important potential link between the channel and the local audience it serves (this may have something to do with why it closed).

Despite the closure, Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill was previously on Restaurant Business Online’s list of “Future 50” restaurant chains in the United States. It’s made impressive strides since its inception in 2003, when the very first location opened in Layton, Utah (although it was called Bajio Mexican Grill at the time). What helped set Costa Vida apart from other restaurants in the Mexican chain was the fact that each location made just about everything on site and from scratch. This included guacamole as well as tortillas. Eventually, Abundant Brands (owner of Subway), merged with the brand and renamed it Costa Vida.

Even though the Chandler location has closed, there are several other locations in Metro Phoenix for those who enjoyed the fast casual style and food offerings of Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill. Other locations in Gilbert and Mesa are still open and serving customers, so feel free to stop by any of these locations at your convenience.


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