Casa Reynoso’s Mexican restaurant is built on family tradition


Casa Reynoso’s recipes originated in Globe-Miami after two sisters came to Arizona during the Depression. Today, there are restaurants all over the state.

TEMPE, Ariz. — One girl’s legacy of comfort food is shared in restaurants across Arizona today. There are several Casa Reynoso locations in the valley, each with their own twist on popular family recipes.

In the back of the house at Casa Reynoso, you’ll find over 80 years of love and family memories, poured into every recipe. Sisters who arrived in Arizona during the Depression in search of work began sharing their now wildly popular Mexican comfort food in the 1930s.

JoAnne Reynoso is one of the sisters who run Tempe restaurants. The restaurant started in East Phoenix. “You blink and miss Globe-Miami,” JoAnne said. “But there are six booming Mexican restaurants that all have pretty much the same recipe.”

Revenues started out of this Globe-Miami mining town.

“She worked very hard and ahead of her time,” JoAnne said. “She was a responsible woman.”

Salustia Rodriguez Reynoso, the woman who paved the way for restaurant ownership, was also known as “the chick” by her family.

“Our legacy from our nana was our recipes, and do what you want with them,” JoAnne said.

Today, siblings Joanne, Robert and Yvette are part of the family that helps run Casa Reynoso. Yvette and Joanne are at the Tempe location at Mill and Southern Avenues and Robert runs the food truck.

“I still feel that great connection with them and appreciate so much that they worked so hard back then,” Yvette said.

Since the 1940s, Casa Reynoso has had at least a dozen restaurants across Arizona.

“We eat, breathe and you know, everyday, it’s just us and we love it,” Robert said.

Each is individually owned by a family, which Reynoso estimates is managed by more than 100 relatives. All kitchens serve the family’s Mexican comfort food. They are well known for their Gollo Burro and vibrant flavors that have been filling plates for decades.

“It’s just something we can be proud of because we’ve been able to carry on like our ancestors did,” JoAnne said.

It is a modest family.

“We don’t live off our own needs, we are a simple people,” Robert said. “We work hard and love what we do.”

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Their recipes even made it to Washington DC

“I got to cook in the Capitol Kitchen, which was really awesome,” JoAnne said.

But no matter where the Casa Reynoso kitchen is, it’s a unique bond that makes them all cook.

“You can call it addicted to chaos or whatever you want, but it’s our life and it keeps us going,” Robert said.

It’s the one that started in a small Globe kitchen, with one more special ingredient.

“When you hear music, you dance,” JoAnne said. “Don’t wait until you can’t anymore. Just enjoy life.”

It’s a life lesson transmitted by their girlfriend.

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“I imagine her so full of joy that we still continue on this beautiful thing,” Yvette said.

The Reynosos said that as the eldest sibling in the family, Joanne has no plans to slow down anytime soon. And they hope Casa Reynoso’s family legacy will continue when it becomes clear who will be the next family member to succeed him.

Casa Reynoso Food Truck locations are available on Instagram.

EN ESPAÑOL: Los populares restaurants mexicanos administrados por una familia de Arizona han servido las recetas de la abuela pendante casi 80 años

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