Burger Spot, Mexican restaurant among Tarrant County health inspections’ worst scorers


A Tarrant County gas station had to close its beverage area for deep cleaning, and two other food establishments were significantly cited for violations during recent health inspections.

From July 24-30, 77 restaurants underwent health inspections across Tarrant County, excluding those in Fort Worth, Arlington, Euless and North Richland Hills, which are conducting theirs. No restaurants were closed for health violations, but one was awarded more than 29 demerit points, which will require follow-up at a later date.

Incredible Burger, located at 1101 Melbourne Road in Hurst, scored 33 and was cited for a broken freezer, food cross-contamination and lack of hair nets worn by employees. Inspectors also said the grill’s ventilation hood had not been cleaned since January 2021.

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2021-2022 Restaurant Inspections

Searchable database of Tarrant County restaurant inspections as of January 1, 2021

Incredible Burger will need to undergo a follow-up inspection.

El Patriota, located at 312 E Pipeline Road in Hurst, with a 29, also performed poorly. El Patriota was cited for a repeated violation of improper cooling of cooked pork and “out of control” fruit flies, where the restaurant was asked to hire. a pest control company.

The QuikTrip on Hurst Boulevard was cited for a fruit fly infestation. Inspectors also said the gas station had a repeat violation for a gap in the back door that could let insects and rodents in, and the tea and soda areas were filthy with “excess liquid, dirt, mud-like substances in the pipes”.

The gas station manager agreed to voluntarily close the soda area while it was deep cleaned.

Here are the inspection scores and restaurant violations that Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) inspected July 24-30, 2022. TCPH inspects and scores all restaurants in Tarrant County, except those located in Fort Worth, Arlington, Euless and North Richland Hills. Scores are based on a demerit system. When the total exceeds 29, a follow-up inspection is required. To search for restaurant inspections, type in a keyword or restaurant name. You can also sort by score.


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