Albuquerque’s Best New Mexican Food


You can tell a lot about a region by its food, and New Mexican cuisine is unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s not old-school Mexican, it’s not Texas or California or Arizona. New Mexican cuisine draws inspiration from the cultural influences of our lands and places them on your plate smothered in love and chili. We don’t play games. We are very serious about our food and our chili. So, for these places to be named, it is a testimony to their cuisine. If you want that heat, NM and these establishments will bring it to you.


It’s like asking ABQ which child he prefers. We all know there is a favorite. This year, this favorite NM food kid in town is Duran Central Pharmacy. This is perhaps the hardest list to achieve in this town. So many excellent establishments. But Duran’s chili peppers, homemade tortillas, and small-town vibe make this place one of the best in town – that is, if you can find a seat! The Huevos Rancheros here are killer, as are the tamales. If you’re feeling “all crazy” (in Burqueno) and want something different, go for the Frito pie.

  1. Duran Central Pharmacy
  2. Sadie from New Mexico
  3. House of Benavides


Stacked or rolled, you will have to leave the place after eating the generous plate that is served to you Sadie’s. The longtime local favorite in many categories serves up the best enchiladas in town according to our readers. And this town grew up with enchiladas, so it must be good! Chicken and green, red and beef, cheese or carne adovada, the combinations are endless. Sadie’s has multiple locations around town, so get your Enchilada fix!

  1. Sadie from New Mexico
  2. Los Cuates
  3. El Patio De Albuquerque and Duran’s Station (tie)


Red or Green? This NM birthright is officially what sets us apart from everyone else. Often imitated but never equaled, Sadie’s the restaurant’s kitchen is the one that, according to readers, serves the best chili. Their salsa ships worldwide and ordering the Christmas style (red and green) is how the pros do it. Sadie’s is the first stop for many visitors looking for the authentic taste of NM. Big tables and big appetites meet there. Never a disappointment.

  1. Sadie from New Mexico
  2. Duran Station
  3. Mary & Tito’s Coffee
  4. Garcia’s kitchen


A way of life around these regions, the breakfast burrito takes many forms and golden pride has a version for everyone. I almost always go to #8, the egg, bacon, green chili and cheese. The tortillas here make the burrito and you can even buy them by the dozen. These guys are always busy early in the morning, so get in line quickly. You will not be disappointed. Even the pickiest of eaters (age 5) will devour these burritos.

  1. Chicken and ribs BQ Golden Pride Bar
  2. Grooves
  3. Blake’s Lotaburger


How can you re-imagine the taco? Good, tako ten he did just that and continues to impress his clients. You have the usual suspects, el pastor, ground beef and even fish. But these guys are coming out of left field with a Sweet Potato Taco, Fried Chicken Taco, and the life-changing Veggie Breaded Avocado Tako. If you’ve had all the tacos in town, now is the time to try Tako Ten!

  1. tako ten
  2. El Paisa Taqueria
  3. El Cotorro and El Patio De Albuquerque (tie)


This is perhaps the most continuous price here next to Chile. There are many titles out there, but this is one for ABQ bragging rights. If you’re new to NM, know that TV news literally covers this topic here. Burger Lagoon won The papers reader poll this year. This hand-formed, crushed monster patty is loaded with fresh, hot green chiles and topped with a slice of cheese. Manna from the gods, add the hand cut fries and make it a meal! There is a square in town and now about 15 min. west to Rte. 66 Casino, but the originals will still be at the Pueblo de Laguna gas station in Rio Puerco and further west at the Pueblo de Laguna itself. Winner of this category at the state level before, these burgers are legit. Ask Benicio Del Toro if you need convincing! Search it on Google.

  1. Burger Lagoon
  2. Blake’s Lotaburger
  3. Monte Carlo Liqueurs & Steak House

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