A popular downtown Phoenix Mexican restaurant could lose its liquor license


Sign for Golden Margarita

A popular Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Roosevelt Row in downtown phoenix risk of losing their liquor license.

The Phoenix City Council voted unanimously on February 16 to deny the Golden Margarita, located at Third Street and Roosevelt, a renewal of their liquor license in response to concerns about violence, noise complaints and the company that does not pay its employees on time.

At the meeting, Phoenix police explained why they believe the business should not be allowed to sell alcohol, saying many people who live and work in the area do not feel safe after a number of shootings and fights around the restaurant.

“The police department’s denial is based on the applicant’s history of alcohol-related offenses, history of failing to meet the percentage of food sales required for a restaurant license, currently operating more like a bar as a restaurant, reporting violence at the establishment, and community noise complaints,” city officials wrote in the council meeting agenda.

The manager of the Golden Margarita says they were denied the chance to speak to council on February 16 or present letters of support from the community. Meanwhile, the Arizona Department of Liquor and Licensing and Control will have the final say on whether or not to renew his liquor license, which expires in April.

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