A new restaurant offering authentic Mexican cuisine will open in Springfield


The Casillas have both worked in the restaurant business for most of their lives. Francisco Casillas has been a chef since 2010, and the two still run a Mexican restaurant in Illinois.

Sandra Casillas had previously lived in Springfield for 15 years and graduated from Northwestern High School.

The couple have strong ties to their families’ origins in Mexico.

“Mariscos” translates from Spanish to English, which means “seafood”.

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“The name says it all, we’ll be serving ‘mariscos’, which means seafood in Spanish. We also plan to have Tex-Mex. Basically, our menu will have a bit of everything for everyone. So we’re going to have American dishes, like burgers,” she said.

The specialty of the restaurant will be authentic Mexican cuisine.

“We’re going to have authentic tacos, like ‘al pastor’ and things like that. Our main focus will be “mariscos”, seafood and tacos,” said Sandra Casillas.

In addition to bringing something new to the Springfield community, she also hopes to meet a specific need in the Hispanic community.

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“Mariscos is very popular in the Hispanic community. I’ve heard so many friends say they have to drive to Dayton or Columbus or a whole hour to get a good plate of mariscos,” she said.

The restaurant will provide Clark County residents with an option close to home.

“Our dishes go beyond what is eaten like regular tacos and burritos. We offer more tropical dishes from the coast known as Mariscos Nayarit style. If you don’t like seafood, our menu will have authentic Mexican tacos, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like tacos,” Sandra Casillas said.

The hope of the Casillas is to provide an authentic Mexican dining experience for locals.

“Our goal is for people to maybe try something different, and we also try to provide something more authentic than Tex-Mex. Our goal is just to be authentic,” Sandra Casillas said.


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