A New Mexican Restaurant Concept Is Coming to Denver Next Year


the incoming Gorditas Dona Juana should open at 4621 Peoria St., Denver, CO 80239 at the beginning of 2023. While the chief Rocio Chavez will own the establishment, his son Jorge Ibarra will take care of all operations and management as Rocio speaks mainly Spanish.

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And now Denver caught up with Jorge to find out what the delicious concept is all about, and in the middle we learned that Gorditas Doña Juana goes deeper than food – it’s all about family:

WND: What type of restaurant Gorditas Doña Juana will it be?

JC: It will be a woman-owned Mexican restaurant that will bring back the unique and rich flavor and taste of traditional home cooking.

WND: What will Gorditas Doña Juana offer?

JC: We will offer you the famous artisan gorditas and artisan tortillas. Customers can also order traditional Mexican dishes with our unique flavors. You can dine or have your meal in the comfort of your own home.

WND: What can guests expect regarding the aesthetics and ambiance of Gorditas Doña Juana?

JC: [Customers familiar with the cuisine] can expect to feel transported home as if they were eating their grandmother’s homemade food. Our establishment will remind you of what it was like to sit down with your grandmother, mother, sisters and brothers and enjoy your favorite homemade plate. Our goal is to bring you back to childhood.

WND: Do you have anything else to add?

JC: Everything I do is for my mom… She’s an old school Mexican mom who doesn’t speak much English, so all I do is set her up for success. As a single mother with four children, she has come a long way. It’s like my “thank you” to her.


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