A LITTLE RACIST, BOCA? Woman complains about Mexican food at HOA board meeting



BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and publisher

DELRAY BEACH, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) (Copyright © 2022 MetroDesk Media, LLC) – We don’t name names, but never forget what some people really think about the melting pot that is South Florida. And by some people, we mean some of the New Yorkers who moved during COVID because Florida was the promised land.

BocaNewsNow.com received several tips today — along with audio that we don’t publish — from an HOA meeting at a large Delray Beach community on Lyons Road. During the public part of the meeting, where the owners do what relocated New Yorkers do best — complain about everything — a woman spoke indefinitely about the community restaurant. But it wasn’t just the quality and service of the restaurant. No. It’s that during a Mother’s Day brunch and Cinco de Mayo celebration, the restaurant dared to serve Mexican food as an option.

Apparently, for this woman, Mexican food is something her landscapers are supposed to eat, not something that should be served in a community restaurant with a large, affluent white clientele. Sources say she spent a good ten minutes complaining about several aspects of the food and service, but really focused on the Mexican cuisine.

“Why Mexican food?!” several reported that she asked the board. “A lot of people don’t like it. It doesn’t fit well in my stomach.

Sources say the board tried to pressure this woman with her comments, but she just kept talking and talking.

“Who the hell wants this Mexican food?” she continued. “Nobody eats this Mexican junk.”

The woman then complained that she was not allowed to bring her own chips to a Canasta meeting. We assume the potato. She clearly wouldn’t be caught dead with the type of fries that need salsa.


What do you think of Mexican cuisine as an option in community restaurants in the area? What do you think of people complaining about Mexican food at council meetings? Use our advice form below to share your thoughts. As always, we ask for your name for verification purposes, not to publish your personal information.

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